key elements in the management of

dust, methane, explosion and fire risk

prominer aggressive fire and explosion protection


IPT’s range of patented PROMINER products have been successfully introduced as key elements in the management of dust, methane, explosion and fire risk in surface and underground coal mines, coal transport and storage facilities and coal fired power plants.

They are safe in use, highly efficient and cost effective, allowing a significant reduction in the volume of water needed to cool and lubricate the cutting heads of all types of mining machinery.

The advanced PROMINER polymers are equally effective when controlling dust and preventing explosive reactions in other industries which generate flamable organic dusts.

Where it is too late for prevention, PROMINER’s specialist fire extinguishing materials are easily applied and use a unique three stage process to rapidly reduce the temperature, kill the fire and prevent re-ignition. The speed with which PROMINER achieves this, all in a matter of minutes, sets it apart from existing methods of fighting fires. Equally effective when used to fight exogenous or endogenous fires, they offer the quickest, safest and most cost effective method of eliminating pockets of spontaneous combustion.

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effective protection against dust, methane, fire and explosion risk

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