prominer aggresive fire and explosion protection


UK Registered Office

+44 (0)7764 993 407

Polish Office

+48 509 730 629 more

About us

IPT has been appointed to distribute PROMINER products to 85 countries around the globe.

We work closely with Dr inz. Wieslaw Zadecki who invented the PROMINER technology and with SWISSCOLOR s.r.o. who have developed the products and manufacture them exclusively in their state of the art facilities in Slovakia and Poland.

SWISSCOLOR and Dr inz Zadecki provide IPT with on-going technical back-up and support and we ensure that PROMINER users are always kept abreast of new developments, applications and best practice case studies to maximise PROMINER’s contribution to the safety and security of their operations.

With these truly remarkable, innovative and cost effective products IPT introduces significant advances to the management and control of dust, methane, fire and explosion hazards.



effective protection against dust, methane, fire and explosion risk

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